Best Web Hosting Providers in 2019

There was a time when the performance of the websites was majorly concentrated on the ability of the HTML expert designing it bit by bit.

Nowadays, with billions of websites running across the globe with potentially hundreds in your competition, the performance graph has become a little more complicated.

There are a lot of factors that play an important role in getting a higher ranking for your website and web hosting is one of them.

Who looks for a web hosting provider?

Everyone who needs a website is going to look for a suitable web hosting provider. You can be searching the market for cheap hosting, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS or a dedicated server.

In any case, you should know the pros and cons of the company(s) of your choice that you have shortlisted to choose the final one.

Things to keep in mind before choosing any web hosting company

Before you jump on your seat and fill in the payment details, keep a few points in mind so that you do not regret your decision in future.

  1. Cheap is cheap: If you are running the website just for the sake of fun or as a hobby, then it won’t matter how perfect your host is but if it is an essential part of your business, you have to understand that cheap hosting will eventually mean delayed and below-the-mark services.
  2. Tricky pricing: Found a host with $1.99 per month amazing offer on unlimited space and bandwidth? Please make sure to check the minimum contract period before you signup. Most of the websites offer the lowest price with the longest contract period.
  3. Understand your potential: You have limits when it comes to creating a website. If you are a newbie, prefer to hire a professional otherwise you will end up eating the resources quickly and have to pay extra to the host. You can also check website builders which are generally available with the hosting package.

Best Web Hosting Providers for 2019

1. Bluehost

  • Automated WordPress setup
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use panel
  • Package includes a basic website builder

Bluehost is considered to be one of the best service providers for WordPress based websites. It is a part of the Endurance International Group (EIG). The company is offering web hosting at as low as $3.95 with a 36-month contract.

There are a lot of add-on apps which Bluehost provides free of cost with the packages. The Weebly-based website builder makes it easy for you to create a basic website, to begin with. The customer support is quick in responding and friendly. Overall, Bluehost provides a good user experience for the customers.

Plans and Pricing:

  • Basic: $3.95/month
  • Plus: $5.95/month
  • Choice Plus: $5.95/month
  • Pro: 13.95/month

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2. HostGator

  • Unmetered space and bandwidth
  • Well explained plans
  • 45-day money back guarantee

Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting providers across the globe. The company offers budget basic plans with tons of features that will help you in kickstarting your website.

The basic plan has no virtual restrictions over space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, and email accounts. Hostgator promises 99.9% uptime and provide cPanel based administrator panel. Up to $200 Google ad credit along with 24/7 customer support and 45-day money back guarantee makes Hostgator one of the finest choices.

Plans and Pricing:

  • Hatchling: $2.75/month
  • Baby: $3.95/month
  • Business: $5.95/month

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3. A2 Hosting

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Free backups
  • Perfectly optimized for WordPress

In a very short span of time, A2 Hosting has become one of the most loved web hosting companies around the globe. The feature-rich packages available with A2 make it the geeky company that can give your website the boost you are looking for.

The fast loading speed, free backups, good knowledge base, and one-click installers make it the perfect choice. Though the packages are on the pricier side, the performance and features definitely cover it up.

Plans and Pricing:

  • Lite Plan: $3.92/month
  • Swift Plan: $4.90/month
  • Turbo Plan: $9.31/month

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4. SiteGround

  • 99.99% uptime
  • Free site migration
  • Easy-to-use administrator panel based on cPanel

Known for amazing WordPress support, SiteGround gives you the platform that is most suitable for WordPress websites. It has amazing 99.99% uptime and the support team helps you in migration of the website as well.

The company has data centers across the US, Europe, and Asia making it easier for you to choose the closest data center to host your website. With over 2,000,000 websites hosted across the servers, the response time of the customer care department is remarkable.

Plans and Pricing:

  • StartUp: $3.95/month
  • GrowBig: $5.95/month
  • GoGeek: $11.95/month

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5. InMotion Hosting

  • Quick tech support
  • Easy-to-use cPanel based admin panel
  • Top quality servers

With an experience of over 15 years, InMotion is one of the most respected web host companies across the globe. There are a lot of add-on features which are included in the services without any extra cost such as spam-safe emails, basic backups, and DDoS protection.

The company provides a whopping 90-day money back guarantee with “no questions asked” policy. However, the majority of the customers prefer to stick with them after that period because of the performance and support. They provide a free SSL certificate with all accounts.

Plans Pricing:

  • Launch Pack: $6.39/month
  • Power Pack: $8.49/month
  • Pro Pack: $14.71/month

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6. Dreamhost

  • 97-day money back guarantee
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Carbon neutral

Dreamhost has over 400,000 active customers and more than 1.5 million websites hosted on their servers across the globe which makes them one of the biggest web hosting companies.

The company was founded in 1996 and grew exponentially with time. Though the company has long experience in the field they still do not provide the most favored cPanel with the packages. On average it has 99.96% uptime. With packages started at $2.59 per month with a 3-year contract, it is one of the cheapest web host company.

Plans and Pricing:

  • Shared Started: $2.59/month
  • Shared Unlimited: $5.95/month

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7. GreenGeeks

  • Environment-friendly
  • Fast loading time
  • 99.95% uptime

GreenGeeks provides not only top-notch web hosting services, but it also gives you an escape route from the guilt of being a part of the carbon footprint left by web hosting companies.

The company provides feature-rich packages with add-on bonuses, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificate with all packages and free domain as well. The customer care is highly responsive and the majority of the queries get solved in a matter of few minutes.

Plans and Pricing:

  • Ecosite Lite: $2.95/month
  • Ecosite Pro: $5.95/month
  • Site Premium: $11.95/month

8. HostPapa

  • 99.95% uptime
  • Fast loading time
  • Affordable packages

Hostpapa started with an aim to provide affordable feature-rich web hosting services to every customer. Their friendly customer support department makes it easy for the new customers to understand the system and help to migrate the website as well. They provide a free domain, free SSL, high-end security and easy-to-use admin tools.

Plans and Pricing:

  • Starter: $3.95/month
  • Business: $3.95/month
  • Business Pro: $12.95/month

Check these best hosting providers:

Final Words

Choosing the right web hosting provider is very important for your business. There are a lot of features and aspects to consider before you finalize the right host. It is better to test the services for a month or so and then pay for the longer duration of time so that in case you want to choose another host you do not feel like losing your money.

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